September 20, 2019

School Card

Dear  Parents/Caregivers, If you are, or thi...


September 24, 2019

School Tour

At St Joseph's we offer School Tours every Tuesday morning at 9:30am! You will be shown around ...

Prospective Parents

Are values such as respect, equality, truth, love and spirituality important in your family?
They are in ours.

St Joseph’s sets the foundations for the young adult your child will become.

So our ambition for your son or daughter is not just academic.
We care for who they are as a person - and for who they will become.

Children will get more than an academic education. They will receive a life education.

Families of all faiths are welcome at St Joseph’s.


Contact Us

30 Montacute Road
Hectorville South Australia 5073

Phone: 08 8115 7700
Absentee: 08 8115 7750