Fees are set by the School Board and are reassessed annually. As a general principal we are committed to making our school accessible to students from all backgrounds, regardless of financial means.

To understand more about the funding requirements of catholic schools, you may wish to visit this site: School Funding Facts       


Full year tuition fees will be billed at the beginning of Term 1. 

Payment options are weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 3 equal instalments by Direct Debit. Direct debits are required to begin 28th February. 

School Card

Families that qualify for School Card need to apply each year. Forms are available from the Finance Office. Any family approved for School Card by the Department of Education and Children’s Services will receive a 40% reduction in tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria can be found at: 

www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme ‚Äč 

Fee Remission

In accordance with our Tuition Fee Policy, families who feel they may need assistance in paying their School Fees or seek a variation to the fee paying requirements are asked to contact the Business Manager on 8115 7700. Please note these requests are treated in the strictest confidence.

How much are your school fees and how do I pay them?

St Joseph’s School Hectorville is a non - government Catholic school and therefore does not receive full government funding. The school relies on the payment of School Fees to cover all operational costs therefore allowing us to continue our delivery of excellence in primary school education.

School Fees for 2018 include Tuition Fees, ICT Levy and Diocesan Capital Levy.

Finance Forms