From the Principal & Deputy Principal [T2 - Week 4]


Your assistance is required

We live in challenging and changing times. Organisations are increasingly dependent on volunteers for tasks that not so long ago were done by paid employees.

Within this context, we acknowledge that you have so many demands on your time. Family life itself is challenging but throw in (paid) work and hopefully, some time for leisure, the question must be.... Where does your involvement in our school community fit in?

St Joseph’s Hectorville has long had a reputation of having a strong community 'feel' where parents know each other, and their children form friendships that last for years. As parents you have a unique role in your child's education within this school community. Yes, our community, and your children, need your you can, when you can!

It is easy to leave it to others, thinking they are more capable or have more time! Our challenge, therefore, is to get involved! There are multiple ways you can 'put your hand up'. Being a Class Representative is one way to become involved. One/two or more parents per class take on the role of being a contact person for the families in that group. Class representatives have initiated informal get-togethers during the term and/or holidays in the past, helping new families to connect to our school community. Representatives can liaise in a variety of informal ways. As Principal and Deputy Principal we have certainly appreciated people who take on this role as they are real community builders right at the grass roots. Thank you to those people who have already nominated this year.

Another way to becoming involved is to join the Parents and Friends (P&F). This group has no restrictions to the number of parents who wish to be involved in this very proactive group. All P&F meetings are open to all parents; usually held on the first Tuesday of every month within the school term at 7:00pm. Come along to a meeting and see what it’s all about!

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the 2017 School Year will be held on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 6:00pm in the school staffroom.  

There are two vacancies for a two-year period due to numbers reaching the end of their time. If you wish to nominate someone you believe would make a valuable contribution to the work of the Board, or wish to nominate yourself, please contact Sandra Fenwick in the Front Office for a statement on the role responsibilities of a Board member and a nomination form. Nominations close on Monday 26 February at 4:00pm.

Reminder about Administration of Medication

Teachers and Class Education Support Officers (ESO) may not accept responsibility for the administration of medication to students at school. When children are required to have medication administered during school hours, parents should take responsibility for this when possible. If parents are unable to do this, they must deliver the medication, with written instructions about its administration, to the School Office staff. These people are authorised by the school to carry out this function. Under no circumstances will school staff dispense medication to children unless the parent or guardian has given written instruction. Additionally, at no stage must students carry medication in their bags.

As is the case with other forms of long-term medication, the timing of treatment by nebuliser should be specified in the doctor’s letter. Children will not be given analgesics (Panadol, etc.) without the consent of parents; and these will only be given when the person administering first-aid considers that the giving of analgesic will help lessen the child’s pain and has initially contacted the parents.

Parent Grievance  

We are aware that there may come a time when a parent has a genuine grievance regarding a school and/or class related matter. We believe that the majority of parent grievances

occur due to a lack of communication, and after speaking to the person concerned, the matter is quickly resolved. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents who may have a concern/question or are upset/alarmed, that the first port of call should always be with the person/teacher/staff member that is directly involved in the matter. For example, all class related issues should be directed to the class teacher; OSHC issues should be directed

to the OSHC staff; etc.

We do have some of our school policies available on the website. However, if you ever want to view a particular policy, which is not on the website, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Advance notice – Student Free Day, Friday 2 March 2018

Another reminder about the Student Free Day on the above date. Staff will be engaged in a whole day of Professional Learning.

Warm regards,

Liz Thomas & Simon Mechis

Principal / Deputy Principal