From the Principal & Deputy Principal


Two weeks ago we were fortunate to have a visit from the Director of Catholic Education, Dr Neil McGoran. He spent a three hours at the school viewing our various learning and play spaces, engaging with students and having conversations with staff. Dr McGoran spoke very highly of our community and was pleased to have been able to visit.

Cyber safety….

Technology and the use of devices provide opportunities to support learning and assist with the activities of our daily lives. However, as with many other tools, technology not managed well presents risks and potential dangers. One of the most significant dangers is the vulnerability of young people to those who wish to do harm to others. At St Joseph’s School, we place a great deal of emphasis on internet safety and cyber bullying for young people. The following link provides parents with some helpful hints and information:   

Sadly, the dangers of online activity have become too real for all school communities in recent years; of particular concern for schools is the ever-increasing number of young students accessing social media sites with varying levels of personal security settings. St Joseph’s will continue to work with students in ensuring the provision of an education that supports cyber safety. Your ongoing support and vigilance in this area will enhance the effectiveness of these cyber safety strategies.

On Friday 16 March all Year 3-7 students will be involved in a cyber safety presentation, facilitated by South Australia Police. We are also in the process of trying to organise a seminar for parents/carers as well.

Student Disco and Family BBQ

Thank you to all families who attended the above event no Friday 23 February. We are really grateful to all the parents and friends who sacrificed their time to plan, prepare, help supervise and pack up. It is wonderful to have such dedicated people in this community. 

School Board news

Last Tuesday we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM). With the departure of long serving Board members, Rossana Capone and Lisa Di Blasio, this allowed for two vacancies. We are very grateful to both Rossana and Lisa for their dedicated work and input to the School Board over such a long period of time. We now welcome Lisa Mignone and Daniel Rosato (both parents at St Joseph’s) to the School Board.


We have noticed a number of students frequently arriving late to school each day. As you are aware school commences at 8:45am. This is when students move to their classroom so the school day can begin. It is an important attribute in life to arrive on time, no matter the event – work, meetings, appointments, interviews, etc. Yes, there are times that we may be running late and now and then there are circumstances beyond our control that prevent us from arriving on time. However, by and large we need to make sure we arrive on time. It is demonstrating to children that being punctual matters. We ask that you endeavour to arrive at school by 8:45am.


A reminder that you can now order food items online via an app. called QKR. If you need more information, please ask the Front Office for a form which explains how to use this app. Also, as has been highlighted previously, the Canteen Menu has had some changes to reflect healthier options. Throughout the year, we will continue to look at the menu for improvements.

Parent/Teacher Interviews – Weeks 10 and 11, Term One

Some early notice about Parent/Teacher Interviews (with your child present), to be held during Weeks 10 and 11 of this term, that is from Tuesday 3 April to Tuesday 10 April. Further information will be going home in the next two/three weeks advising of times, the booking process, etc. You can of course have a meeting/conversation at any time during the school year with your child’s teacher(s), at a mutually agreeable and convenient time.

New Website

Lastly, our new website is finally off the ground! Whilst there may be a few teething issues, the site is now live. As you may recall from late last year, we were hoping to launch sooner, but for various reasons, it took longer than expected. We recommend going online and checking it out.

Warm regards,

Liz Thomas & Simon Mechis

Principal / Deputy Principal