Education For Sustainability

Education For Sustainability (EFS) at St Joseph’s, Hectorville is more than just learning about plants and animals. Our environmental action can be explained as a process, which inspires, motivates and engages our students towards critically thinking about their connectedness to creation that leads them on a journey towards developing and creating ecologically sustainable principles and practices.

EFS is embedded into the curriculum and the every day through student initiated and stage level projects. Our school has developed five sustainable sites including the

·      Secret Garden

·      Sacred Space

·      Frog Pond

·      Olive Grove

·      Butterfly Garden 

Our newest initiative is raising chicks to become egg laying hens that will be housed in our chicken shed.

Students are offered opportunities to help with growing vegetables, fruit trees and flowers, composting, preserving olives, water conservation, caring for the chicks, maintaining the frog pond or just enjoying the environment in our new Nature Play areas.

Senior students form a leadership group, ‘The Green Crew', who develop and lead both school and community action. They collaborate closely with KESAB, NRM and the Campbelltown Council. Their latest project is the revegetating of Fourth Creek. They also facilitate in coordinating special event days such as World Environment Day.

Through a committed whole school approach, Education For Sustainability at St Joseph’s, Hectorville is an authentic learning area promoting eco-spirituality and actioning practical initiatives.