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Dear Members of the St Joseph’s School Community,

Creative Creatures, Wild Minds! What a fantastic theme for Book Week this year. Children and teachers alike used the opportunity to be creative, to have some fun and enjoy the world of literature. Classes engaged in many activities, storytelling and reading, as well as dressing up as their favourite book character for our Book Week Dress Up Day. A BIG thank you goes to Nadia Pasquini for leading and hosting the ‘dance off’ and parade for all the children and teachers to enjoy. We would also like to thank Jess and Nick Catalano who supported us with music and entertainment. A special thanks goes to you our parents, grandparents and wider community for supporting your children to look and feel great on this special day. You out did yourselves this year!

Make a Book Competition winners will be announced shortly. We have been inundated with amazing stories both fact and fiction and our Year 6 student judges are thoroughly enjoying reading all the entries.

Sports Day

Sports Day will be held for students only on Wednesday 4th November, during normal school hours. Students may wear their team colours and must wear their school hat.

COVID-19 restrictions are still in place for holding events on school grounds and based on SA Health COVID-19 Management Plan requirements, we are not able to facilitate the obligatory guidelines, therefore Sports Day will be students only.

We understand that this is disappointing for many of you, however, based on event limits of 1000 people inclusive of staff and students, the obligatory provision of 2 square metres of space per person, and that our grounds will be set up for sports activities, we will not be able to provide the required space for adults to socially distance on our school grounds.

We will endeavour to make this Sports Day as special to your children as all others and appreciate your understanding and support.

Christmas Celebrations

Although there are still many restrictions in place to ensure our children, families and wider community continue to stay safe and well during this pandemic, the staff are looking to provide opportunity for you and your children to celebrate the end of the year with assemblies and mini concerts.

We are not able to hold a whole school event due to the restrictions, so instead each year level will perform on different days, and in some cases at different times throughout the day for you to attend. Teachers will provide you with further details regarding their mini concert via Seesaw.  Please see the School Calendar for dates for each year level. Year 6 students will include something special for parents during Graduation.

Channel 7 Sunrise appearance

Violet Mignone in Year 4 Pasquini represented our school and state in the Sunrise weather segment quiz.  Our congratulations and thanks to Violet and her family on this amazing opportunity. You made us very proud Violet.

Past students shining

We would like to congratulate Mia Larkin and Laura Lines on their role as School Captains at Kildare College in 2021.  Mia and Laura were students here at St. Joseph’s until 2016.

Warm regards

Liz Thomas


Faith & Culture

Take on frest courage with Confidence

When Mary MacKillop stood before the Bishop, in view of her sisters, to be excommunicated, she initially felt confused, lonely and bewildered. The bishop then orderd her to kneel and she wrote later that at the moment, “I do not know how to describe the feeling, but I was intensely happy and felt nearer to God than I ever felt before.

Ever-present God, you gifted us with Mary Mary MacKillop whose life inspires us never to lose hope. Build our confidence in your strengthening and guiding presence especially when life becomes very difficult. Be present to those who are experiencing difficulties and suffering in their lives at this time in our world.

You may want to use an online prayer and reflection flip book produced by the Sisters of St Joseph, in commemoration of St Mary MacKillop 10th Anniversary.

Mike Proctor



Many children in Year 3, who are Catholic, will be celebrating their First Reconciliation this term. Key dates for families involved in this:

  • Tues 3 November – Family Program  7pm in the Hall
  • Wed 4 November – Family Program   7pm in the Hall
  • First Reconciliation at 7pm in the Church on either Tuesday 17 November or Wednesday 18 November

Mike Proctor

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Times Tables Challenge

Over five weeks of Term 3, our Year 3/4 students participated in a “Times Tables Challenge” run by @Mangahigh

Mangahigh is one of the world’s first gamification platforms for maths and coding, helping students develop a conceptual understanding of key topics and building their confidence in the subjects! 

65 students put in an outstanding effort, earning themselves a 'Times Tables Licence'.

In addition, 10 of our top students earned medals for their efforts over the past two months. These students earned a minimum of 100 medals and the top 2 students earned in excess of 300 and 400 medals respectively.

We are VERY proud of all the Year 3/4 students!

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Animals Anonymous in Preschool

Spotted: Crawling creatures in the Preschool!
Adrian from Animals Anonymous visited our Preschool bringing along some of his reptile friends.

Adrian shared many things about them including information about their habitats.

The children's favourite reptile was the snake and they also loved the ultra cute sugar glider.

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Congratulations to St Joseph's 'Old Scholars'

Congratulations to  Laura Lines and Mia Larkin  who have been announced as 2021 College Captains for Kildare College. Both girls are old scholars of St Joseph's Hectorville. 

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Tuesday 3 Nov
9.30am School Tour 

Wednesday 4 Nov
SPORTS DAY [COVID Restrictions Apply]

Thursday 5th Nov
1.30pm Adelaide 36ers visit

Friday 6 Nov
9.15am Yr 2 Class Mass
Yr 3&4 Retreat
PS2 Incursion Police visit
SACPSSA Athletics Carnival


Tuesday 10 Nov
9.30am School Tour
6pm ‚ÄčLaptop 2021 Information Evening
for Yr 2 Parents
7pm Sacramental Family Program

Wednesday 11 Nov
6pm P&F meeting
7pm Sacramental Family Program

Friday 13 Nov
9.15am Class Mass Yr 3/4


Monday 16 Nov
6.30pm Rec 2021 Parent info in Hall
Yr 3/4 Tailem Town Excursion

Tuesday 17 Nov
9.30am School Tour
7.00pm Yr3 Reconciliation 

Wednesday 18 Nov
9.15am 2021 Rec Transition visit



Book Week

Every year during Book Week, we celebrate stories and highlight the importance of reading with various book-related activities.

This year, our Librarian filled the Library with colourful displays and creations done by the students in the lead up to the Book Week Parade.

Our senior students were eager to show off their reading skills, volunteering their time to read to the junior primary children.

#CBCA2020 #BookWeek2020

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Year 2 Physics

Year 2 students are learning about 'Push and Pull' forces for Physical Science this term.
Gravity pulls on things to make them fall down or to keep them down. Students were able to test these forces in a hands-on experiment. After building a paper helicopter, students would throw it up in the air, watching it then spin down.
Two forces act on the helicopter: gravity pulls the helicopter towards the ground and air resistance pushes up on the helicopter as it falls.

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