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Building Opportunities

Building Opportunities

Our school community continues to flourish with a growing demand for our quality learning programs. Over the last few years, several building developments have expanded our facilities to provide current and future students opportunities to learn.

Stage 1Expressive Arts Centre

Stage 2Occasional Care early learning facility

Stage 3

The Stage 3 building development is close to completion and due to be opened in Term 2, 2023.

As Stage 3 comes to an end, another is announced…

We are pleased to reveal our next project:

Stage 4 – Preschool precinct

Currently our early learning programs, Preschool and Occasional Care, are situated at different locations within school campus. An increase in demand for these services bring the necessity to develop a new Preschool precinct and to co-locate it for better precinct flow. The precinct will be located next to our recently developed Occasional Care facility which faces North Street.

The Preschool precinct will provide room for us to grow and improve on the quality of the early learning programs.

The relocation of Preschool will also prove beneficial for our school students with the old Preschool site to be demolished and converted to a new green space in the heart of the school. Year level precincts will be better defined and provide a clear learning journey on campus from Reception through to Year 6.

The design of the build will extend on the look and feel of Occasional Care, considering:

Natural Environment – Spaces that allow interaction with the natural environment as an essential part of learning and development.

Curiosity, Creativity & Flexibility – Spaces that facilitate learning and exploration through curiosity and creativity

Community – Spaces that foster community between children, educators and parents

Light Filled & Engaging – Spaces that have access to daylight and external views so that there is a feeling of spaciousness and connection to the natural environment

Cost Effective & Robust – Construction detailing that provides robustness and minimises maintenance without creating a harsh, institutional feel.. The use of residential scale materials to create the feeling of home within the learning environment

The new Preschool development is due to start in April. You will see it coming together as you travel past on North Street and see through the rear of the main oval.