What does it cost to send my child to St Joseph’s Hectorville?
You can view our fees here.

Is there a multi-child discount?
Yes, this can be viewed in our fees documentation here.

Is there a pay-up-front discount?
Yes, this can be viewed in our fees documentation here.

What discounts are available? Additional to the sibling discount and pay-up-front discount, eligible families can access financial support through the School Card Scheme. If you are or think you are eligible for School Card, the discount is 40% off the Tuition Fee only. Please contact our Business Manager for eligibility criteria or visit here.

Does the school have a kindergarten / preschool?
Yes. Find more details about our Early Learning Programs here.

What is the transition process for my child who is starting at school for the first time?
We have an excellent transition program, whereby our upcoming students can have short – play-focussed – visits to the school in the term before they begin. This provides our new receptions with familiarity of their new teachers, classroom, classmates and school space. Read more here.

Do I (or my child) have to be Catholic to attend the school?
No. We are a Catholic school, and as such, uphold Christian Values – however, we are diverse in faith, cultures and backgrounds and accept all families into our school community.

What are the class sizes?
Our class sizes vary from year-to-year, however we aim to keep them between 25 and 29 students.

My child has some learning challenges, how will they be supported in the classroom?
Students that are having learning difficulties are supported by our Inclusion and Equity Coordinator through a range of programs. Read more under Student Support here.

Is there a gifted and talented program in the school?
Yes, find out more under Gifted & Talented here.

How does the school communicate with parents?
We use multiple forms of communication to keep our parents engaged in their child’s learning, including regular diary notes, the SeeSaw App, emails from teachers, parent-teacher interviews and fortnightly Newsletter.

Where would St Joseph’s recommend I enrol my child/ren for high school, to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary and maintain the same values?
Our school has a relationship with, and recommends the following high schools for our students:

  • Mary MacKillop College
  • Saint Ignatius College
  • Rostrevor College
  • Kildare College
  • Our Lady of Sacred Heart College
  • Loreto College

What hours does Out of School Hour Care (OSHC) operate?

OSHC is open before school from 7am and after school until 6pm. More info here.

Is Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) available for Preschoolers?
OSHC is available for all children that are enrolled at our Preschool or school.

What Sporting Programs are available to students?
There are a range of sporting programs available to students both in school and after school hours. All students from Reception to Year 6 engage in sports lessons and fitness activities every week. Our Sports Academy for students in Years 3-6 is run by accredited coaches in Netball, Soccer and Football. Students also access dance. After hour sports teams include boys and girls soccer, basketball, cricket, and football, to name just a few. More info here.

What does it mean for my child to go to a catholic school?
We acknowledge and respect that children and families in our school come from a range of cultural backgrounds and faiths, and so support our students to engage in and deepen their understanding of these whilst also exploring our Catholic Faith Tradition.

Is the Instrumental Program included in the curriculum?
No, the Instrumental Program is additional to the curriculum and usually costs around $29 per lesson.

What do the school fees cover?
All incursions and excursions, our specialised sports programs: Sport, Netball & Soccer, as well as the Expressive Arts Program: Drama, Dance, Music, Media and Visual Art.

What additional costs are there? Books/Stationery, Graduation expenses, Laptop, Camp, Aquatics, Instrumental Program, School Uniform and other optional events are additional costs.

How early should I apply or enrol?
We advise enrolling a soon as possible.

What age can my children start?
Your child can start at our Early Learning Programs from birth, at Preschool from 4 years old, and at school from 5 years old.

Can my child start straight away?
We accept applications anytime for immediate commencement providing there are places available. You can enrol here.

Can I enrol online?
Yes, fill out an application here.