Learning & Life

Our staff will attest that there’s nothing better than seeing our students learning something new, or experiencing something for the first time. It’s these moments that we celebrate, and why we continue to focus on igniting the passions of the incredible young learners who come through our gates each day.

At St Joseph’s Hectorville our teachers get to know each of their students and develop customised programs to meet the needs of the individual. We know that students all learn in different ways and we offer them the support they need to reach their learning goals, including extra support from our skilled team of Educational Support Officers.

Our school also has a great buddy system, whereby our older students support our younger students. This system ensures that socially, our youngest students are provided with a sense of belonging and an immediate friend. They can also assist academically with their work, and often we see our older students helping to boost the confidence of our some of our youngest.

Our Catholic vision and mission is reiterated in school life. Our motto – ‘In all things love and kindness” – reflects the strong belief we have, that as children of God we need to give back love to our world through our attitudes, words and actions.

Gifted and Talented Education
We have a Gifted and Talented program at the school which recognises the needs of particular students and provides them with extension and further challenge opportunities.

Student Support
Our student support programs complement classroom learning by enabling students to strengthen and develop skills that improve their learning. Programs are targeted to different year levels and specific learning needs. Offered in small groups or on a 1:1 basis, these programs aim to help students develop and manage fine and gross motor skills for effective learning and improve literacy and numeracy understanding.

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