Student Wellbeing

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and happy environment for all students and staff.

The expectation for the behaviour of all students is to be positive, safe and respectful.

We encourage students to make good decisions and to act responsibly and ethically.  We believe it's important to work with parents to develop students skills in how to:

  • recognise and manage emotions
  • show respect and care for self and others
  • develop positive relationships
  • make good decisions
  • behave responsibly and ethically.

We believe students develop personal responsibility when there is a whole school approach. This is underpinned by caring relationships, active learning and, engaging curriculum that is flexible and responsive to student needs and is within a context of wider environmental and community relationships.

Each person in our community needs to take responsibility for creating and supporting the learning environment.

Students need to take responsibility for their own behaviour choices, respect and support the rights of others and accept consequences for their choices.

Parents need to take responsibility and accept that they are role models for their children, encourage their children to make good choices and support school policies and practices.

Staff need to take responsibility to create a safe, caring and supportive learning environment, to be role models, to support students to develop personal responsibility and support school policies and practices.

Wellbeing Coordinator

Our Wellbeing Coordinator Louise Kilpatrick provides support to students who are experiencing a range of issues. These include:

  • grief or loss
  • friendship issues
  • family breakdown

Teachers or parents can refer students to Louise, or students themselves can make a time to see her. Please feel free to email Louise any time at