Mid-Year Intake

No Fees for Mid-year Intakes 21'

Available for Preschool & Reception

St Joseph’s Preschool to Year 6, prides itself on providing children with high quality learning experiences that ignite thinking, creativity and curiosity. We strive to ensure children develop a strong sense of who they are, to understand themselves as learners, as they grow in resilience and independence. We place importance on developing strong partnerships with our families and working together to enrich the lives of the children in our care.

Your child will experience a deep sense of belonging at St Joseph’s with our strong focus on children’s wellbeing, and our commitment to providing a safe, secure nurturing environment for them to explore, to learn, to have fun and experience life to its full. We promote the qualities of respect and care, and support children to develop the skills to build and manage positive relationships.

Our qualified Preschool and Reception teachers provide a rich learning program where children are supported to engage in new learning in Literacy and Numeracy, in STEM, the Arts, Digital technologies and children have opportunities to participate in specialist lessons for Music and Performing arts, Physical Education and Italian.

Parents and carers are invited to enrol their child in Reception or Preschool to start mid-year in Term 3. 

Why start your child mid-year?

Quality early learning will set your child up for a life of success! 

St Joseph's has always recognised the importance of high-quality learning for all children, especially those in their early years. Research has shown that quality early learning programs, over time, boost cognitive development and achievement. Starting mid-year gives your child the optimal opportunity to develop and build these foundations for life-long learning.

A mid-year start to Preschool or Reception, provides your child with time and space to develop strong relationships with families across our school community. Children can enjoy the facilities available in Preschool and School, accessing our library, arts and sports programs. Children entering Preschool Term 3 this year, are eligible to start mid-year and undertake six terms of Preschool.

Children who turn five on or before October 31st, are eligible to undertake six terms of Reception beginning Term 3 this year; providing an optimal start to their schooling experience. Transitioning from Preschool to Reception over a longer period of time allows children to continue to engage in a blend of play-based learning to explore and inquire, whilst also being supported to develop the routines and habits, literacy and numeracy skills essential for becoming confident learners. 


Who can start mid-year?

Preschool: Children who turn 4 years old between 1st of May and 31st of October.
Reception: Children who turn 5 years old between 1st of May and 31st of October.

Occasional Care is also available for Preschool children and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) is available for both Preschoolers and Receptions.


Book a School Tour

Prospective parents and carers are invited to visit St Joseph’s School Hectorville and see our school in action on a School Tour. Tours are held every Tuesday of the school term, but can be booked at a time more convenient to you. Bookings can be made here. 

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