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Mindful Monkey Wellbeing Program

Mindful Monkey Wellbeing Program

Caring about the social and emotional wellbeing of our students through a number of support programs including Mindful Monkey.

Available twice weekly during the school term, the Mindful Monkey program brings calm to the often-busy school life environment.

Through professional guidance, students of all ages take part in the lunchtime sessions to learn and practise mindful exercises. Children are engaged from the get go, with an excellent mix of calming, movement, listening, exploring and relaxation time.

Whether your child is only just starting school, or is struggling at a later stage, the Mindful Monkey program will support them to calm down and cope with any anxiety they may be feeling.

By practising mindfulness, we find our students are ready to learn, have an increase in empathy, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and are able to find peace and calm in a world saturated with media and technology.