Social Justice


In the Spirit of Mary MacKillop, who never saw a need without doing something about it, we are supporting the Hutt Street Centre on Friday 7 August, by walking-a-mile in the shoes of people experiencing homelessness. To help support the Hutt Street kitchen that provides over 50,000 meals annually, we ask families to donate any of the following non-perishable food items: cereal, basmati rice, jars of sauces (for pasta, chicken casseroles and curries), pasta and coffee.

I had a delightful conversation with Joseph Tirri in Year 5B late Term 2.

He told me he prepared a fair at home with family and relatives to raise money to support families in need. He decided in the end to give the money ($73.00) to the Hutt Street Centre. In listening to him, I know he donated $10.00 of his own money to the cause and that his family contribute money in a gift box to help people in need of support.

Needless to say, I felt inspired by the compassion of Joseph and his family. The smile he has reflects the joy experienced when kindness is shown to others.

Mike Proctor