We would like to introduce some of our Staff

Our teachers are passionate about creating connections through innovative curriculum as well as spending the time it takes to get to know each individual student.

As staff we model to our students, the skills, behaviours and values we want them to have.

Our teachers are committed educators who understand young children and their development.

They take a team approach to share ideas and resources and plan together to provide a collaborative, open and flexible approach to learning.

Staff engage in professional learning, up-to-date research and aim to carry out the school’s Vision and Mission.

"Love in all things"

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Keiran Taylor 

Assistant to Principal 

Hi my name is Keiran Taylor and I am extremely excited to have joined the St Joseph’s School Hectorville community for 2017. I feel very privileged to be working with your children and together with the staff of St Joseph’s working to ignite, engage and help your child achieve their very best. I have been teaching now for over fifteen years and during that time I have been fortunate enough to have had experiences across a range of schools and year levels.

I have a strong passion and belief to connect and inspire a new generation of young changemakers who will be responsible for helping to rethink and create a better world and future. My passions and experiences in education lie in equipping students with the necessary skills that will allow them to work and succeed in a 21st Century environment and beyond.

I am very passionate about Positive Education and helping to develop students’ social, emotional and personal wellbeing. It is these interests and experiences that I look forward to sharing and developing at St Joseph’s, in continuing to build a community of successful thinkers and learners who can reach their full potential.

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Louise Kilpatrick 

Wellbeing Coordinator 

I have been working in primary schools for 27 years. I began my career as a Japanese Language Teacher and then Classroom Teacher. After completing further studies I began the role of Wellbeing Coordinator at SJH. 

Working each day with students is extremely rewarding. The role of Wellbeing Coordinator enables me to work in a variety of ways. This can include individual counselling, group mediations, classroom sessions and when required meetings with staff and parents/caregivers. I feel privileged to be able to build relationships and offer support when needed. 

I enjoy the friendly, caring students, staff and families at SJH. There is always a warm smile, a kind word and a feeling of belonging. At St Joseph’s, we recognise the importance of a whole school approach to the promotion of good mental health and the social and emotional wellbeing of our students.

The SJH community is welcoming and supportive. Pastoral Care is important and the needs of all are considered and respected.

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Pia Anibaldi 

Student Learning Coordinator 

I have had over 25 years of teaching experience ranging from Reception to Year 7 and have specialised in the areas of literacy and adaptive education. My role at St Joseph’s Hectorville involves supporting students to achieve their full learning potential by collaborating with teachers and parents to provide engaging learning programs.

I am passionate about providing students with the opportunities to collaborate with peers, think critically, problem solve and create. I am fortunate to be part of this vibrant and committed staff at St Joseph’s Hectorville. I love that our school community is filled with laughter, joy and fun and that we all support one another. 

StJoseph's_Baldo, Dino.jpg

Dino Baldo 


Having the opportunity to inspire students in a positive way and instil in them a genuine love of learning is something that I'm very passionate about. I enjoy engaging and motivating students to reach their full potential. The feeling of accomplishment and seeing students grow in confidence is extremely rewarding!

It's great working alongside such caring and dedicated staff at SJH - educators who always have the children they teach as their first priority. I really enjoy teaching the children and getting to know the families.

Our school community has such a warm and caring environment in which parents, staff and students work closely together to provide the best education. There is a real sense of belonging and community at our school.

StJoseph's_Cianfaglione, Marilena.jpg

Marilena Cianfaglione 

Preschool Director 

I started teaching in 1979 so I've been an educator for 37 years - 25 years of which I've been working in the Catholic Education sector. I have worked in the Campbelltown area my whole working life which has given me the opportunity to teach some of the parents of the children I am teaching now.

I love children … their spontaneity, honesty, inquisitive nature, curiosity, wonder and awe of creation, and their ability to make you laugh, through everyday conversations. When a 3 year old trying to make sense of his world asks “Are you like my nonna or my mum?” the smile cant help staying on my face all day long.

I am very passionate about Learning and helping children reach their full potential.  I believe all children are born intelligent and I find the challenge of helping every child become passionate about their learning, something very rewarding and fulfilling. I want to show children and their parents learning can be a lot of fun.  I love to challenge children to think deeply, hypothesize and find create solutions to problems.  I want the children in my care to become independent, creative, moral citizens of the future.  It is always a joyous occasion when I meet a young man or woman I taught and they say “That year in your class was the best!” 

St Joseph’s Hectorville is a fanstastic school with a wonderful community feeling.  It is a place of faith and learning, where everyone is welcomed warmly.  Even though it  is quite large I think everyone knows everyone.  The children of St Joseph’s are  delightfully open and responsive, they have infectious smiles and are kind and giving.  The staff at St Joseph are a very cohesive and united group that genuinely care for each other and the children in their care. 

The St Joseph’s School Community is a melting pot of cultures working together in many different ways to make our school a place of welcome for all people.  I love the willingness of our parents to share their culture and traditions with each other.  I love the way our community is ever ready to help.  I love the feeling of togetherness and camaraderie.  There is a special feeling about St Joseph’s Hectorville which is hard to define, but nevertheless very real and tangible. SJH IS SPECIAL!!

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Steve Grelli 

Sports Teacher 

I have been teaching for 6 years.

I enjoy passing on my knowledge and skills to children who also share the same passion for sport. It's fantasting to see them develop and improve in their sports from year to year - I find this incredibly rewarding. 

I enjoy my fellow staff at SJH, as well as being able to teach some very talented athletes that are at our school. 

We are a close community where everyone works together.

StJoseph's_Pasquini, Adrian.jpg

Adrian Pasquini 


I have been teaching for over 13 years (I began in 2003).

Getting to learn about my students and their personalities makes me passionate about being a teacher. I value building relationships with all of my students and then working with them on further developing their educational journey.

I thoroughly enjoy working at SJH as we have a cohesive staff and cheerful student cohort. I really love the feel of our school with it’s enormous play areas, open work spaces and rich technology.

I like the way the staff, students and parents work together and value each other in our welcoming community.

StJoseph's_Proctor, Michael.jpg

Michael Proctor 


I have worked in the role of Religious Educator and Assistant to the Principal in Religious Identity and Mission at St Joseph’s School since 2000, apart from an acting role at St Margaret Mary’s in 2013-2014. I feel privileged to work alongside staff and parents to provide a learning environment that enables children to flourish, to develop their capabilities and confidence as learners so that they can help create a just world for all.

Our talented, committed and generous staff provide learning environments and activities that nurture and develop the gifts of all children in their care and each child’s sense of worth and dignity. Being a Catholic School, we offer an education that is centered in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the heart of which is that each child is loved by God, who desires that each would flourish.

I am privileged to witness daily the faith of children and their care for others and the environment. I delight in their openness and participation in prayer and liturgy. I am inspired by their compassion and outreach for those in need and children and adults living in poverty.

I have no doubt that it is our parents and the staff working together that helps to nurture and develop these dispositions and the knowledge and skills the children need to live fulfilled lives.

StJoseph's_Carosi, Tania.jpg

Tania Carosi 

Education Support Officer 

I have been working at St Joseph’s School Hectorville in a non-teaching capacity (Education Support Officer) since 2002 where I have various coordinating roles.

The positive relationships between students and staff, is based on mutual respect.

Our school is a very vibrant close knit community that also supports our Catholic Ethos. A large part of our school’s foundation is based on our wonderful parent community and the relationships that we as staff are fortunate to create with them.

The students, staff and school community are all incredibly proud of our school with the exciting learning spaces and large school grounds for the students to explore.

De Vizio, Jenny.jpg

Jenny De Vizio 

Italian Teacher  

I have been teaching for over 25 years. I am passionate about teaching the Italian language to young children and sharing my cultural experiences with them. This enables the children to compare similarities and differences between their own culture and that of others. I believe this helps children to embrace interculturality and connect them with others. Their curiosity about different cultures develops empathy and assists them in growing as caring global citizens which expands their educational, professional and social opportunities.

A second language acquisition enhances literacy, language and communication skills in English, as it allows for a better understanding of the English language system by comparing how the two languages work.

It gives me great pleasure when reconnecting with former students who comment how the languages programme at St Joseph’s helped prepare them for language learning in high school.

I have had the privilege of being both a teacher and parent at Saint Joseph’s Hectorville and have found the community very nurturing and caring in both my roles. I feel blessed to be a part of a community where staff, students and parents work jointly in building and fostering a welcoming and supportive environment accessible to all.