Why a Catholic School For Your Child

St Joseph’s teachers are selected both for their teaching skills and ability to instil in each child the values to guide them through life. 

Are values such as respect, equality, truth, love and spirituality important in your family? They are in ours.

St Joseph’s sets the foundations for the young adult your child will become.

So our ambition for your son or daughter is not just academic. We care for who they are as a person - and for who they will become.

Children will get more than an academic education. They will receive a life education.

Families of all faiths are welcome at St Joseph’s.

You can learn more about the benefits of a Catholic education here 

At St Joseph’s we promote positive relationships through a whole school approach to values and their explicit teaching. Our values of respect, inclusion, faith and service, responsibility and integrity, permeate our curriculum and are a part of who we are and what we do.

Our school motto

"Love in all thingsā€

...reminds us of the importance of Mary MacKillop in our school history.

We want the students of St Joseph’s School to see the link that exists between our Josephite tradition and our school values.

"Love in all things"