We want your child’s introduction to school to be full of wonder and excitement, while we also work to make all our students feel confident, safe and secure in their new environment.

Our teaching team’s investment and concern for our students goes far beyond their academic development.

We have an excellent transition program, whereby our upcoming students can have short – play-focussed – visits to the school in the term before they begin. This provides our new receptions with familiarity of their new teachers, classroom, classmates and school space. It also ensures that any parents/caregivers who may be nervous about their child starting school can have a closer understanding about how our reception classes are focussed on learning through fun, play and discovery – with adaptable teaching methods for all styles of learning.

One key element our school prides ourselves on is growing and developing compassionate and kind young citizens, and in doing so, our older students are encouraged to support the younger students at the school through care, support and buddy mentoring.

While we are focussed on teaching the Australian Curriculum, our reception children are nurtured in learning through play. On any given day this might include listening, creating, writing, singing or dancing. We ensure that through these mechanisms, each child can discover their own style of learning, and through our skilled staff and individualised approach, we can support them.

Our early years students are encouraged to ignite their imaginations, as they publish their own books, put on performances and explore through play and physical activity. We find this program sets a strong educational foundation which helps prepare them for the rest of their education, and allows them to have fun and feel comfortable at the same time.

Reception aged student waving goodbye