School Years

St Joseph’s Hectorville students are engaged in a modern learning environment. Our teaching team, and whole of staff focus is to ensure the education we provide is relevant, purposeful and connected to our current way of life. We believe this approach, especially in the later years of primary school, is establishing the best possible readiness for our students to grow their love of learning.

Our passionate teachers take great pride in seeing our students regularly engage in new technologies, learn how to work as a team, access new skills, develop creative thinking and explore critical thinking strategies.

Where our students are seeking extra challenges, we engage them in more; and where students need extra support on a new subject or style of learning, we spend the time with them individually. Our goal is to ensure we treat all students’ learning styles with respect, so that everyone can reach goals in an inclusive and supportive environment.

We also encourage our students to be compassionate, caring and responsible for our school community and environment. Further, we ensure we’re developing our students into positive global citizens through a range of social justice activities and ecological programs.

Gifted and talented program
While ensuring we support all our students, we also recognise the importance of providing extra challenges to our gifted and talented students.

These students have access to extension opportunities which are designed by our team to reach the individual needs of our students. The program provides a path for students to think critically and creatively, exposing them to abstract concepts, problem solving and different thinking.

All of our students are encouraged, at different times, to take on leadership challenges as a way of learning and growing – this supports their development in student responsibility and personal pride.

If our students wish to pursue their leadership passions and interests, we encourage them to take on opportunities through our ‘Student Voice’ program, and other openings. 

Extra curriculum leadership opportunities are also available to our students, and our teachers ensure they recognise and encourage the students to take part in these, where they show the interest or potential in broader leadership roles.

We have a range of specialisations for our students, including the following:



The Arts