St Josephs Hectorville playing soccer

School sports

Sport is a critical part of life amongst our students. Not only does it teach a range of physical capability skills, but also a deeper understanding of the challenges of competition. We also have specialist soccer and netball academies for our most popular sports.

Our program is designed to provide the fundamental movement patterns and skills for a range of physical activity and sports, while also providing our students with critical day-time exercise outside of the classroom. It can be a great competitive outlet for many students, and a great way to introduce sport to our youngest students in a structured, safe environment.

Soccer, netball & sport academy
At St Joseph’s we have three specialist academies in soccer, netball and all-round sport.

Soccer and netball are both a significant part of the culture amongst our students and families, and we embrace this as an opportunity to learn, grow and connect our students with one-another. Many of our students develop through the academies, with some going on to play at much higher levels – even professionally.

“Having a specialised program to progress my son’s passion for soccer is great! It makes school even more enjoyable for him. My daughter is excited to participate when she is old enough.” – Soccer Academy family

The academies allow students to take part in soccer, netball and sport lessons in addition to their regular PE program. The academy program consists of weekly lessons, as well as optional after-school sessions – with the focus on developing students’ technical ability and providing a game-based approach where children can test themselves while having fun.