STEM is an integrated approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, where students apply critical and creative thinking and collaboration skills to solve real-world problems. We provide our students with a range of engaging, hands-on STEM focused activities using state of the art technology such as Sphero’s, EV3 Robots, green screens and constructive Lego kits.

Our school embraces the contemporary digital world, which is reflected in our integration of information and communication technologies. We encourage our students to create, communicate and collaborate both locally and globally, preparing them for a future of contribution to their communities, and the world. At St Joseph’s Hectorville, all our students have access to a suite of publishing and creative tools. We invest heavily in multimedia, and our students regularly learn about (and participate in creating) podcasts, iBooks, coding, digital design and more.

Through our STEM activities and resources, we provide our students with the opportunities and experiences they need to become successful communicators, innovators and entrepreneurs in the future.

Numeracy Extension Program
We offer a Numeracy Extension Program for students in years 3-6, who have shown potential to extended their skills in numeracy. Students who participate in the program are exposed to a variety of mathematical and strategic challenges that require them to work independently and in small groups to solve complicated mathematical problems.