Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is incredibly important to us. Students with a positive attitude to learning and healthy relationships, are more likely to develop the skills required throughout life as they face the many challenges of growing up.

Supported by our Wellbeing Coordinator, our teaching team uses practices of positive psychology, mindfulness and the growth mindset theory to support our students to develop positive emotions, engagement, relationships, purpose and accomplishment.

Our Wellbeing Team consists of the Wellbeing Coordinator, Student Counsellor and School Chaplain.

“Love this school. My kids love their teachers and have made so many friends. The staff here are so helpful and supportive. Highly recommend this school for anyone looking.”
– Tina, school parent

Wellbeing Coordinator (curriculum)
Our Wellbeing Coordinator supports and facilitates teachers with the Wellbeing program in class. All students undertake our Wellbeing program, with a specific lesson allocated daily. The program helps students understand their thoughts, emotions, and actions through quality wellbeing learning and activities.

Student Counsellor
Our highly qualified student counsellor plays an important role in supporting our students to share their concerns, clarify issues and work through possible solutions. Our counsellor monitors mental health, challenges thoughts and supports students to work through issues that arise.

Our counsellor provides short-term individual counselling, leads group meditations and supports students to positive engage in learning. In a case where intensive, ongoing support is required, the counsellor will make this recommendation to parents and caregivers and our school will assist in identifying outside agencies.

Our counsellor is available to support students during school hours from Monday to Wednesday. Students can seek support themselves, or can be referred by a parent or teacher.

Parents and caregivers are also welcome to meet with the counsellor.

Referral forms are available at our front counter, from staff, or from the student counsellor.

School Chaplaincy
The school chaplain complements the role of the staff in their capacity to educate and support our families. Our chaplain is available for support in times of crisis, grief, family separation and unexpected illness – moments in life which may arise that need extra support.

As part of our religious identity and mission, our school chaplain works closely with families to build relationships and connect them with our school community.

The chaplain is available during school hours. If you want to know more, please contact our chaplain through our school’s front office.