Teaching & Learning


We want to ignite in our children a passion for learning. We will collaboratively engage children in relevant, connected and purposeful learning. Our aim is that all children will achieve their individual goals and be successful learners now and in the future.


We use the Australian Curriculum for planning our programs across the school. The areas of study include:

Religious Education                        Physical Education

English (Literacy)                             Languages - Italian

Mathematics (Numeracy)              The Arts

Science                                             Health

HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)


  •  Digital Technology
  •  Design and Technology


Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics and ARTS

St Joseph’s school’s commitment to providing students with enriched learning opportunities can be seen through our STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering,   Mathematics and ARTS] resources. These resources provide students from Preschool, with opportunities to use their creative thinking in order to solve problems as well as encouraging them to process information in new and imaginative ways. Through access to this makerspace, students are engaged through fun, hands-on activities, while using technology such as Spheros, EV3 Robots, green screens and constructive Lego kits. These activities and resources help teach students necessary skills such as coding, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving for an ever-changing workforce and world. Through the use of STEM, we can provide our students with the opportunities and experiences they’ll need to assist them in becoming successful communicators, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the future.