Preschool Pathways

Preschool Pathways

Our Preschool Pathways for four-year-olds  is the ideal stepping stone to Reception. It provides a great foundation as children have developed friendships, know staff and are familiar with the school.


Preschool 4 Year Old Program

The Preschool is an integral part of the school. Our program for four year olds is child centred with a particular emphasis on learning through play and developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Our Preschool aims to be a vibrant and dynamic place of shared relationships between children, educators and parents. We hope to create a place of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and where authentic learning happens.

We believe children have potential, are competent and capable of learning individually and with others. We use the Belonging Being and Becoming Curriculum framework to guide our program.

Separate enrolment forms are completed for Preschool and Reception.

There is one intake for Preschool.

Children who turn 4 years before 30 April begin in Term 1
Children who turn 4 years from 1 May begin the following year.


Preschool times are:

Session 1

Monday – Tuesday 8.40am – 3pm

Wednesday 8.40am – 11am

Session 2

Wednesday 12.40pm – 3pm

Thursday & Friday 8.40 – 3pm

An Enrolment form needs to be completed before the child can begin. 

Refer Enrolment

For more information, contact  St Joseph's School [08] 8115 7700