Catholic Education South Australia

Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education is a part of the broader Religious life and mission of our school. The heart of the mission of our Catholic School essentially is to seek that

  • each child know they are  loved by God
  • each child flourishes in their learning and formation.

This is an expression of the mission of the Catholic Church founded in the person of Jesus Christ and the Good News he lived and proclaimed.

Religious Education is the classroom learning and teaching of religion. It is responsive to the diversity of faith and life experiences of children. All children are engaged in learning that seeks to develop deep knowledge, understanding, dispositions and skills for the purpose of:

  • educating and supporting their religious self-understanding and spiritual awareness.
  • deepening their knowledge and understanding of and ability to dialogue with the Catholic Tradition and the broader Christian tradition.
  • enabling children to seek truth and meaning through their learning.
  • inspiring and challenging children to engage fully in life, the Church and society with growing wisdom, religious identity and moral purpose to promote a just world.

To engage all students in the RE Classroom the different outcomes include:

  • children become more deeply rooted in their Christian faith
  • children discover or rediscover their place in the Christian Community
  • children of other Religious Traditions become more authentically connected with their own religion as partners in dialogue with learners of other religions and beliefs
  • children develop an understanding of the Christian Tradition and other Religions as an important cultural and moral component in Australia and other countries.