Students filming on a green screen

The Arts

We’re invested in supporting our students interests and passions and the arts is no exception at St Joseph’s Hectorville. Our recent investment in an Expressive Arts Centre on campus, has ignited the imaginations of our creative students.

Covering the five learning areas of drama, dance, music, visual art and media arts, our students learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their ideas, emotions, observations and experiences.

We encourage our students to reach their creative potential through spending time in the arts. Not only can they express themselves, but also develop non-verbal and verbal, individual and group communication skills, which transfer into other areas of the curriculum.

Our Expressive Arts Centre is an architecturally designed two story building with four separate learning spaces for media, music, drama and art, and three individual music tutorial practice rooms. The Centre has been designed  to allow students to develop the skills they need for each key learning area within the arts curriculum, supported by a range of media and materials. The contemporary design of The Centre complements both the expressive arts theme and the school brand with abstract pattered cladding in the school colours, on the building façade.

Through our expressive arts program, students have the opportunity to be part of whole school concerts, visual arts and dance showcases, instrumental and dance performances, the Catholic Schools Music Festival, and the year six students participate in the Wakakirri Story Dance performing arts competition event each year.