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Wakakirri National Story-Dance Festival

Wakakirri National Story-Dance Festival

We have a passion for The Arts, and Performing Art is no exception! 

Each year, our Year 6 students compete in Australian National Story-Dance festival, Wakakirri, entering with a story dance performance that utilises a combination of dancing, creative movement and action to pre-recorded music.

This year, the students chose the theme “Anything is possible, Dream, Wish, Believe!” which pays tribute to Make a Wish Australia and their volunteers. Our performance storyline therefore follows the miracle work the foundation does each and every day: granting a wish to a sick child. 

Our specialist Arts Teacher worked with these students to discover the performing art form of ‘dance’ more deeply through exploration of the different dance elements: body, energy, space, time and relationships.

Together, the group trained for over two terms to refine the storyline and bring them up to an elite level of performance, as well as, design and plan set construction, create costumes and props.

After much anticipation, performance night went ahead with a live audience and panel of judges at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre:

The hard work and dedication from all of our Year 6 students and extended Wakakirri Team paid off, with a spectacular performance that was recognised through the Outstanding Harmony Story Award:

“We chose Harmony for St Joseph based on their consensus as a group to show good will and a sense of unity through the story they chose to tell. Their imagination and creativity touched our hearts, we believed choosing harmony would be the best story award to give based on their inspiring and in particular moving performance” says panel judges.

Our Wakakirri Team were able to fundraise $1764, covering the cost of student-designed Team T-Shirts and make a generous donation to Make a Wish Foundation. The fundraising wouldn’t have been possible without the kind donations from many local businesses.